Lines and Miniatures

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"Lines and Miniatures" is a very personal and subtle album, delving deep in the emotions, experiences and feelings of loneliness, isolation and uncertainty. Message of the music is very relevant to the current events of the world – to do the best we can to not get overwhelmed in the background noise and continue somewhat defiantly striving towards the light and the growth of our personalities.

Rihards Libietis - acoustic, electric guitars, bass, synth, electronic percussions (IV), lyrics (IX)

Toms Kagainis - drums, percussion (I, II, V, VI, VII)

Erna Daugaviete - cello (IV, VIII, IX), voice (IX)

Beate Zviedre - vocals (IX)

Ieva Rutentale - flute (X)

Olga Bucinska - violin (IV)

Matiss Repsis - piano (V)

Recorded at "Noo Fuss Studio" in Tukums & "AMFO" studio in Riga

Valerijs Cernejs - recording engineer, mix, master

Eaglewood Pictures - cover photo

Sarlote Vojevodska - graphic design

Rihards Libietis - music author and producer

Album created with the support of AKKA/LAA

released October 26, 2021


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