Willful Blindness

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"Willful Blindness" reflects the time it was conceived in: a turbulent mixture of chaos, melancholy and seeming helplessness in the face of unexpected change, deeply intertwined with love, calm, gratitude and endurance. A search for inner strength for guidance and a better understanding of life.

The album was nominated for the Latvian Music of the Year Award 2021.

Rihards Libietis - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Synth (8.), Voice (10.)
Matiss Repsis - Percussion, Drums (9.,10.), Frame Drum (12.), Voice (10.)
Erna Daugaviete - Cello, Voice (10.)
Gints Smukais - Acoustic Guitar, Voice (10.)
Janis Polis - Bass, Synth (5.), Voice (10.)

Martins Milevskis - Percussion (1.,2.,10.,11.)
Laura Rozenberga - Trombone (1.,9.)
Valters Smits - Saxophone (1.,9.)
Reinis Klatenbergs - French Horn, Trumpet (1.,9.)

Toms Lisments - Sound Engineer, Mix & Master
Rihards Libietis, Erna Daugaviete - Album Art Direction
Janis Romanovskis - Album Photography
Toms Babcuks - Graphic Design

All music written and arranged by Rihards Libietis Orchestra.
Recorded in AMFO Music Studio, Riga, in Fall 2020.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Ainars Majors, Daiga Binane, Asnate Avotniece, Ginta Elksnite, our families, friends and loved ones, and all our crowdfunding supporters! We are unbelievably privileged to have such an amazing audience and without you this album would not have happened. Thank you for being in this together!

The album was created with support of Projektu Banka.

Released May 31, 2021

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