Reflections EP

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Reflections are everywhere we go, everywhere we turn to, everywhere we look. One might argue that the world itself is no more, no less than a pure reflection of one's best hopes, wildest dreams and most elusive thoughts. In the context of music, it' s even more so, for the melodies are born in a game of reflections bouncing back and forth from the inspirational energy, musical colleagues, world, and so on. This album is a reflection of our love of music, and our love of life, connecting with all our guest artists.

Rihards Libietis - Acoustic, Electric Guitars, Arrangement
Matiss Repsis - Drums, Percussion
Erna Daugaviete - Cello
Gints Smukais - Acoustic Guitars
Toms Lipskis - Bass

Anneli Arro - Vocals/Lyrics (on track 4)
Kristine Praulina - Vocals (on track 2), Lyrics (on tracks 2 & 3)
Oskars Stolse - Semerovs - Vocals/Harmonica (on track 3)
Ervins Ramins - Vocals/Lyrics (on track 1 )
Janis Holsteins - Upmanis - Vocals/Lyrics (on track 5)
Sabine Zuga - Backing Vocals (on track 5)

Toms Lisments - Sound Engineer, Mix
Tom Waltz - Master
Artjoms Tarasovs - Album Art
Toms Babcuks - Design

Released September 22, 2018

We would like to thank Andis Pikans and Lasma Pikane, for their support and belief, Kristine Plesa for connecting, all the amazing people we got to work with in this project - Oskars, Anneli, Kristine, Ervins, Janis, Sabine, Toms Lisments for the sound, and being ready, Emils Asmanis and Arta Janemane for the amazing visuals, our friends, families and loved ones for being and loving us, and having our backs, and you, for being with us and supporting our music.

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