RL Elektronix

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RL Elektronix is a story, which was conceived from the beginning of the year 2014, a translation of nature, human emotions, everyday events into music. It's also an electronic experiment, because all the tracks were made using Logic Pro - Everything (except the guitars and bass) was recorded using built-in software instruments, played and recorded through a midi keyboard.

The main goal was to achieve a cinematic experience through sound, therefore the cryptical song names - to leave a lot of space to the listener's own imagination. Just close your eyes, and let your mind fill in the blanks.

Software instruments recorded using Logic ProX, through a midi keyboard controller.
Percussion on tracks 2,3 - loops from Logic ProX library.
Bass on tracks 3,4,6 - Rihards Libietis
Acoustic, Electric guitar on tracks 1;3;5;6;7 - Rihards Libietis.
All music composed by Rihards Libietis.
Mixed and mastered by Rihards Libietis.
Album art by Rudolph Strelis

Official CD released on February 19, 2015

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