About Rihards

Rihards Libietis is a Latvian musician and composer, who regularly performs and collaborates with a lot of well established Latvian artists and bands (Linda Leen, Raimonds Tiguls, The Originals, Pacific K and others).
Rihards Libietis OrchesTrio @Sigulda Castle. Photo: Madara Margarita Zidaua
José González warm-up show @Palladium Riga, 2022. Photo: Evelina Zvirbule
Most notably, Rihards founded Rihards Libietis Orchestra (LV) - a quintet, performing instrumental, dynamic world music, mixing together various influences from African, Middle-Eastern, Latvian folk music with Blues and Jazz.
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He has produced and self-released 2 solo albums and and all 4 Rihards Libietis Orchestra albums. Most notable of them are solo effort "Lines and Miniatures" (2021), Rihards Libietis Orchestra "Willful Blindness" (2021) and "Scream, Breathe, Cry"  (2015).Willful Blindness(2021) and “Scream, Breathe, Cry(2015) were nominated for Annual Latvian Music Recording Award “Zelta Mikrofons”.
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Performance "Upe", Liepaja, 2021. Photo: Armands Kauselis
José González warm-up show @Palladium Riga, 2022. Photo: Evelina Zvirbule
Rihards also writes critically acclaimed music for theatre plays, contemporary dance performances and short-movies.
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